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Prevention and Regression of Megamitochondria and Steatosis by Blocking Mitochondrial Fusion in the Liver.

Yamada T, Murata D, Kleiner ED, Anders R, Rosenberg ZA, Kaplan J, Hamilton PJ, Aghajan M, Levi M, Wang N, Dawson MT, Yanagawa T, Powers FA, Iijima M, Sesaki H. iScience

Drp1 regulates transcription of ribosomal protein genes in embryonic hearts.

Zhao Q, Yan S, Lu J, Parker DJ, Wu H, Sun Q, Crossman DK, Liu S, Wang Q, Sesaki H, Mitra K, Liu K, Jiao K. J Cell Sci.


Generating a new mouse model for nuclear PTEN deficiency by a single K13R mutation.

Kato T, Igarashi A, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Genes Cells.


KARATE: PKA-induced KRAS4B-RHOA-mTORC2 supercomplex phosphorylates AKT in insulin signaling and glucose homeostasis.

Senoo H, Murata D, Wai M, Arai K, Iwata W, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Mol Cell.

Longitudinal tracking of neuronal mitochondria delineates PINK1/Parkin-dependent mechanisms of mitochondrial recycling and degradation. Li H, Doric Z, Berthet A, Jorgens DM, Nguyen MK, Hsieh I, Margulis J, Fang R, Debnath J, Sesaki H, Finkbeiner S, Huang E, Nakamura K. Sci Adv.

Reduced Levels of Drp1 Protect against Development of Retinal Vascular Lesions in Diabetic Retinopathy. Kim D, Sesaki H, Roy S. Cells.

DRP1 haploinsufficiency attenuates cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injuries. Bouche L, Kamel R, Tamareille S, Garcia G, Villedieu C, Pillot B, Gueguen N, Chehaitly A, Chao de la Barca JM, Beaumont J, Baetz D, Ovize M, Sesaki H, Henrion D, Reynier P, Lenaers G, Prunier F, Mirebeau-Prunier D. PLoS One.

Electric signals counterbalanced posterior vs anterior PTEN signaling in directed migration of Dictyostelium. Song B, Gu Y, Jiang W, Li Y, Ayre WN, Liu Z, Yin T, Janetopoulos C, Iijima M, Devreotes P, Zhao M. Cell Biosci.

Nuclear PTEN Deficiency and Heterozygous PTEN Loss Have Distinct Impacts on Brain and Lymph Node Size. Igarashi A, Kato T, Sesaki H, Iijima M. BBRC.


Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition). Klionsky DJ et al., Autophagy.

C9orf72 regulates energy homeostasis by stabilizing mitochondrial complex I assembly. Wang T, Liu H, Itoh K, Oh S, Zhao L, Murata D, Sesaki H, Hartung T, Na CH, Wang J. Cell Metab.

Nuclear PTEN and p53 suppress stress-induced liver cancer through distinct mechanisms. Kato T, Murata D, Anders RA, Sesaki H, Iijima M. BBRC.


Hetero-oligomerization of Rho and Ras GTPases Connects GPCR Activation to mTORC2-AKT Signaling. Senoo H, Wai M, Matsubayashi HT, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Cell Rep.

Mitochondrial Safeguard: a stress response that offsets extreme fusion and protects respiratory function via flickering-induced Oma1 activation. Murata D, Yamada T, Tokuyama T, Arai K, Quirós PM, López-Otín C, Iijima M, Sesaki H. EMBO J.


Drp1 Tubulates the ER in a GTPase-Independent Manner. Adachi Y, Kato T, Yamada T, Murata D, Arai K, Stahelin RV, Chan DC, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Mol Cell. 

The Loss of Nuclear PTEN Increases Tumorigenesis in a Preclinical Mouse Model for Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Kato T, Yamada T, Nakamura H, Igarashi A, Anders RA, Sesaki H, Iijima M. iScience.

Loss of dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) does not affect epidermal development or UVB-induced apoptosis but does accelerate UVB-induced carcinogenesis. Yanagi T, Kitamura S, Imafuku K, Suto A, Maeda T, Tanaka S, Sesaki H, Abe R, Shimizu H. J Dermatol Sci.

Hippo/Mst signaling coordinates cellular quiescence with terminal maturation in iNKT cell development and fate decisions. Raynor JL, Liu C, Dhungana Y, Guy C, Chapman NM, Shi H, Neale G, Sesaki H, Chi H. J Exp Med.

Mitochondrial Fission Mediates Endothelial Inflammation.Forrester SJ, Preston KJ, Cooper HA, Boyer MJ, Escoto KM, Poltronetti AJ, Elliott KJ, Kuroda R, Miyao M, Sesaki H, Akiyama T, Kimura Y, Rizzo V, Scalia R, Eguchi S. Hypertension.

Novel role of dynamin-related-protein 1 in dynamics of ER-lipid droplets in adipose tissue. Li X, Yang L, Mao Z, Pan X, Zhao Y, Gu X, Eckel-Mahan K, Zuo Z, Tong Q, Hartig SM, Cheng X, Du G, Moore DD, Bellen HJ, Sesaki H, Sun K. FASEB J.

Endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation regulates mitochondrial dynamics in brown adipocytes. Zhou Z, Torres M, Sha H, Halbrook CJ, Van den Bergh F, Reinert RB, Yamada T, Wang S, Luo Y, Hunter AH, Wang C, Sanderson TH, Liu M, Taylor A, Sesaki H, Lyssiotis CA, Wu J, Kersten S, Beard DA, Qi L. Science.

Mitochondrial division, fusion and degradation. Murata D, Arai K, Iijima M, Sesaki H. J Biochem.

Asymmetrically Segregated Mitochondria Provide Cellular Memory of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Replicative History and Drive HSC Attrition. Hinge A, He J, Bartram J, Javier J, Xu J, Fjellman E, Sesaki H, Li T, Yu J, Wunderlich M, Mulloy J, Kofron M, Salomonis N, Grimes HL, Filippi MD. Cell Stem Cell.


Metformin Improves Mitochondrial Respiratory Activity through Activation of AMPK. Wang Y, An H, Liu T, Qin C, Sesaki H, Guo S, Radovick S, Hussain M, Maheshwari A, Wondisford FE, O'Rourke B, He L. Cell Rep.

Brain-specific Drp1 regulates postsynaptic endocytosis and dendrite formation independently of mitochondrial division. Itoh K, Murata D, Kato T, Yamada T, Araki Y, Saito A, Adachi Y, Igarashi A, Li S, Pletnikov M, Huganir RL, Watanabe S, Kamiya A, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Elife.

Drp1 Promotes KRas-Driven Metabolic Changes to Drive Pancreatic Tumor Growth. Nagdas S, Kashatus JA, Nascimento A, Hussain SS, Trainor RE, Pollock SR, Adair SJ, Michaels AD, Sesaki H, Stelow EB, Bauer TW, Kashatus DF. Cell Rep.

SQSTM1/p62 promotes mitochondrial ubiquitination independently of PINK1 and PRKN/parkin in mitophagy. Yamada T, Dawson TM, Yanagawa T, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Autophagy.

Doxorubicin-induced cardiomyocyte death is mediated by unchecked mitochondrial fission and mitophagy. Catanzaro MP, Weiner A, Kaminaris A, Li C, Cai F, Zhao F, Kobayashi S, Kobayashi T, Huang Y, Sesaki H, Liang Q. FASEB J.

Phosphorylated Rho-GDP directly activates mTORC2 kinase towards AKT through dimerization with Ras-GTP to regulate cell migration.

Senoo H, Kamimura Y, Kimura R, Nakajima A, Sawai S, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Nat Cell Biol.

Maintenance of Cardiolipin and Crista Structure Requires Cooperative Functions of Mitochondrial Dynamics and Phospholipid Transport.

Kojima R, Kakimoto Y, Furuta S, Itoh K, Sesaki H, Endo T, Tamura Y. Cell Rep.

Dynamin-1-Like Protein Inhibition Drives Megamitochondria Formation as an Adaptive Response in Alcohol-Induced Hepatotoxicity.

Palma E, Ma X, Riva A, Iansante V, Dhawan A, Wang S, Ni HM, Sesaki H, Williams R, Ding WX, Chokshi S. Am J Pathol.


Extracellular vesicles direct migration by synthesizing and releasing chemotactic signals. Kriebel PW, Majumdar R, Jenkins LM, Senoo H, Wang W, Ammu S, Chen S, Narayan K, Iijima M, Parent CA. J Cell Biol.

Dynamin-1-Like Protein Inhibition Drives Megamitochondria Formation as an Adaptive Response in Alcohol-Induced Hepatotoxicity. Palma E, Ma X, Riva A, Iansante V, Dhawan A, Wang S, Ni HM, Sesaki H, Williams R, Ding WX, Chokshi S. Am J Pathol.

In Vivo Deletion of β-Cell Drp1 Impairs Insulin Secretion Without Affecting Islet Oxygen Consumption. Hennings TG, Chopra DG, DeLeon ER, VanDeusen HR, Sesaki H, Merrins MJ, Ku GM. Endocrinology.

Loss of MICOS complex integrity and mitochondrial damage, but not TDP-43 mitochondrial localisation, are likely associated with severity of CHCHD10-related diseases. Genin EC, Bannwarth S, Lespinasse F, Ortega-Vila B, Fragaki K, Itoh K, Villa E, Lacas-Gervais S, Jokela M, Auranen M, Ylikallio E, Mauri-Crouzet A, Tyynismaa H, Vihola A, Augé G, Cochaud C, Sesaki H, Ricci JE, Udd B, Vives-Bauza C, Paquis-Flucklinger V. Neurobiol Dis.

Mitochondrial inner membrane permeabilisation enables mtDNA release during apoptosis. Riley JS, Quarato G, Cloix C, Lopez J, O'Prey J, Pearson M, Chapman J, Sesaki H, Carlin LM, Passos JF, Wheeler AP, Oberst A, Ryan KM, Tait SW. EMBO J.

Mitochondrial Stasis Reveals p62-Mediated Ubiquitination in Parkin-Independent Mitophagy and Mitigates Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Yamada T, Murata D, Adachi Y, Itoh K, Kameoka S, Igarashi A, Kato T, Araki Y, Huganir RL, Dawson TM, Yanagawa T, Okamoto K, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Cell Metab.

A brain-enriched Drp1 isoform associates with lysosomes, late endosomes, and the plasma membrane. Itoh K, Adachi Y, Yamada T, Suzuki TL, Otomo T, McBride HM, Yoshimori T, Iijima M, Sesaki H. J Biol Chem.

Nuclear PTEN deficiency causes microcephaly with decreased neuronal soma size and increased seizure susceptibility. Igarashi A, Itoh K, Yamada T, Adachi Y, Kato T, Murata D, Sesaki H, Iijima M. J Biol Chem.

MIRO-1 Determines Mitochondrial Shape Transition upon GPCR Activation and Ca2+ Stress. Nemani N, Carvalho E, Tomar D, Dong Z, Ketschek A, Breves SL, Jaña F, Worth AM, Heffler J, Palaniappan P, Tripathi A, Subbiah R, Riitano MF, Seelam A, Manfred T, Itoh K, Meng S, Sesaki H, Craigen WJ, Rajan S, Shanmughapriya S, Caplan J, Prosser BL, Gill DL, Stathopulos PB, Gallo G, Chan DC, Mishra P, Madesh M. Cell Rep.

Intracellular calcium is a rheostat for the STING signaling pathway. Kwon D, Sesaki H, Kang SJ. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.

DISC1 regulates lactate metabolism in astrocytes: implications for psychiatric disorders. Jouroukhin Y, Kageyama Y, Misheneva V, Shevelkin A, Andrabi S, Prandovszky E, Yolken RH, Dawson VL, Dawson TM, Aja S, Sesaki H, Pletnikov MV. Transl Psychiatry.

Dynamin-Related Protein 1 Deficiency Promotes Recovery from AKI. Perry HM, Huang L, Wilson RJ, Bajwa A, Sesaki H, Yan Z, Rosin DL, Kashatus DF, Okusa MD. J Am Soc Nephrol.


Villin-1 and Gelsolin Regulate Changes in Actin Dynamics That Affect Cell Survival Signaling Pathways and Intestinal Inflammation.

Roy S, Esmaeilniakooshkghazi A, Patnaik S, Wang Y, George SP, Ahrorov A, Hou JK, Herron AJ, Sesaki H, Khurana S. Gastroenterology. 

Phosphatidic Acid and Cardiolipin Coordinate Mitochondrial Dynamics. Kameoka S, Adachi Y, Okamoto K, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Trends Cell Biol.

p62/sequestosome-1 knockout delays neurodegeneration induced by Drp1 loss. Yamada T, Adachi Y, Yanagawa T, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Neurochem Int.

An unstructured loop that is critical for interactions of the stalk domain of Drp1 with saturated phosphatidic acid. Adachi Y, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Small GTPases.



Superresolution Imaging Identifies That Conventional Trafficking Pathways Are Not Essential for Endoplasmic Reticulum to Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Protein Transport. Salka K, Bhuvanendran S, Wilson K, Bozidis P, Mehta M, Rainey K, Sesaki H, Patterson GH, Jaiswal JK, Colberg-Poley AM. Sci Rep.


DRP1 Suppresses Leptin and Glucose Sensing of POMC Neurons. Santoro A, Campolo M, Liu C, Sesaki H, Meli R, Liu ZW, Kim JD, Diano S. Cell Metab.


Inhibition of Drp1 protects against senecionine-induced mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in primary hepatocytes and in mice. Yang X, Wang H, Ni HM, Xiong A, Wang Z, Sesaki H, Ding WX, Yang L. Redox Biol.


Characterization of PTEN mutations in brain cancer reveals that pten mono-ubiquitination promotes protein stability and nuclear localization.

Yang JM, Schiapparelli P, Nguyen HN, Igarashi A, Zhang Q, Abbadi S, Amzel LM, Sesaki H, Quiñones-Hinojosa A, Iijima M. Oncogene.


The Putative Drp1 Inhibitor mdivi-1 Is a Reversible Mitochondrial Complex I Inhibitor that Modulates Reactive Oxygen Species. Bordt EA, Clerc P, Roelofs BA, Saladino AJ, Tretter L, Adam-Vizi V, Cherok E, Khalil A, Yadava N, Ge SX, Francis TC, Kennedy NW, Picton LK, Kumar T, Uppuluri S, Miller AM, Itoh K, Karbowski M, Sesaki H, Hill RB, Polster BM. Dev Cell.


Assay to Measure Interactions between Purified Drp1 and Synthetic Liposomes. Adachi Y, Itoh K, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Bio Protoc.


Label-Free Quantification of Intracellular Mitochondrial Dynamics Using Dielectrophoresis. Rohani A, Moore JH, Kashatus JA, Sesaki H, Kashatus DF, Swami NS. Anal Chem.


Constriction of the mitochondrial inner compartment is a priming event for mitochondrial division. Cho B, Cho HM, Jo Y, Kim HD, Song M, Moon C, Kim H, Kim K, Sesaki H, Rhyu IJ, Kim H, Sun W. Nat Commun.


OPA1 deficiency promotes secretion of FGF21 from muscle that prevents obesity and insulin resistance. Pereira RO, Tadinada SM, Zasadny FM, Oliveira KJ, Pires KMP, Olvera A, Jeffers J, Souvenir R, Mcglauflin R, Seei A, Funari T, Sesaki H, Potthoff MJ, Adams CM, Anderson EJ, Abel ED. EMBO J.

Dynamin-Related Protein 1 Inhibition Attenuates Cardiovascular Calcification in the Presence of Oxidative Stress. Rogers MA, Maldonado N, Hutcheson JD, Goettsch C, Goto S, Yamada I, Faits T, Sesaki H, Aikawa M, Aikawa E. Circ Res.

Carbonyl cyanide 3-chlorophenylhydrazone (CCCP) suppresses STING-mediated DNA sensing pathway through inducing mitochondrial fission. Kwon D, Park E, Sesaki H, Kang SJ. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.


Mutations in DNM1L, as in OPA1, result in dominant optic atrophy despite opposite effects on mitochondrial fusion and fission. Gerber S, Charif M, Chevrollier A, Chaumette T, Angebault C, Kane MS, Paris A, Alban J, Quiles M, Delettre C, Bonneau D, Procaccio V, Amati-Bonneau P, Reynier P, Leruez S, Calmon R, Boddaert N, Funalot B, Rio M, Bouccara D, Meunier I, Sesaki H, Kaplan J, Hamel CP, Rozet JM, Lenaers G. Brain.



Protective effects of reduced dynamin-related protein 1 against amyloid beta-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and synaptic damage in Alzheimer's disease. Manczak M, Kandimalla R, Fry D, Sesaki H, Reddy PH. Hum Mol Genet.


Reduced dynamin-related protein 1 protects against phosphorylated Tau-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and synaptic damage in Alzheimer's disease. Kandimalla R, Manczak M, Fry D, Suneetha Y, Sesaki H, Reddy PH. Hum Mol Genet.


Dynamin-Related Protein 1 Deficiency Leads to Receptor-Interacting Protein Kinase 3-Mediated Necroptotic Neurodegeneration. Yamada T, Adachi Y, Fukaya M, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Am J Pathol.

Coincident Phosphatidic Acid Interaction Restrains Drp1 in Mitochondrial Division. Adachi Y, Itoh K, Yamada T, Cerveny KL, Suzuki TL, Macdonald P, Frohman MA, Ramachandran R, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Mol Cell.

Identification of multi-copy suppressors for endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria tethering proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Kojima R, Kajiura S, Sesaki H, Endo T, Tamura Y. FEBS Lett.


Mitochondrial Dynamics Controls T Cell Fate through Metabolic Programming. Buck MD, O'Sullivan D, Klein Geltink RI, Curtis JD, Chang CH, Sanin DE, Qiu J, Kretz O, Braas D, van der Windt GJ, Chen Q, Huang SC, O'Neill CM, Edelson BT, Pearce EJ, Sesaki H, Huber TB, Rambold AS, Pearce EL. Cell.

Mitochondrial Dynamics Impacts Stem Cell Identity and Fate Decisions by Regulating a Nuclear Transcriptional Program. Khacho M, Clark A, Svoboda DS, Azzi J, MacLaurin JG, Meghaizel C, Sesaki H, Lagace DC, Germain M, Harper ME, Park DS, Slack RS. Cell Stem Cell.

Parkin suppresses Drp1-independent mitochondrial division. Roy M, Itoh K, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.

The novel RacE-binding protein GflB sharpens Ras activity at the leading edge of migrating cells. Senoo H, Cai H, Wang Y, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Mol Biol Cell.

A GPCR Handles Bacterial Sensing in Chemotaxis and Phagocytosis. Senoo H, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Dev Cell.


Making a Division Apparatus on Mitochondria. Yamada T, Adachi Y, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Trends Biochem Sci.

Altered brain energetics induces mitochondrial fission arrest in Alzheimer's Disease. Zhang L, Trushin S, Christensen TA, Bachmeier BV, Gateno B, Schroeder A, Yao J, Itoh K, Sesaki H, Poon WW, Gylys KH, Patterson ER, Parisi JE, Diaz Brinton R, Salisbury JL, Trushina E. Sci Rep.

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition). Klionsky DJ et al.,  Autophagy.


CHCHD10 mutations promote loss of mitochondrial cristae junctions with impaired mitochondrial genome maintenance and inhibition of apoptosis. Genin EC, Plutino M, Bannwarth S, Villa E, Cisneros-Barroso E, Roy M, Ortega-Vila B, Fragaki K, Lespinasse F, Pinero-Martos E, Augé G, Moore D, Burté F, Lacas-Gervais S, Kageyama Y, Itoh K, Yu-Wai-Man P, Sesaki H, Ricci JE, Vives-Bauza C, Paquis-Flucklinger V. EMBO Mol Med.

Methylene blue alleviates nuclear and mitochondrial abnormalities in progeria. Xiong ZM, Choi JY, Wang K, Zhang H, Tariq Z, Wu D, Ko E, LaDana C, Sesaki H, Cao K. Aging Cell.


Opening the conformation is a master switch for the dual localization and phosphatase activity of PTEN. Nguyen HN, Yang JM, Miyamoto T, Itoh K, Rho E, Zhang Q, Inoue T, Devreotes PN, Sesaki H, Iijima M. Sci Rep.

Dynamin-related protein 1 is required for normal mitochondrial bioenergetic and synaptic function in CA1 hippocampal neurons. Shields LY, Kim H, Zhu L, Haddad D, Berthet A, Pathak D, Lam M, Ponnusamy R, Diaz-Ramirez LG, Gill TM, Sesaki H, Mucke L, Nakamura K. Cell Death Dis.


Mitochondrial division and fusion in metabolism. Roy M, Reddy PH, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Curr Opin Cell Biol.

Mitochondrial division is requisite to RAS-induced transformation and targeted by oncogenic MAPK pathway inhibitors. Serasinghe MN, Wieder SY, Renault TT, Elkholi R, Asciolla JJ, Yao JL, Jabado O, Hoehn K, Kageyama Y, Sesaki H, Chipuk JE. Mol Cell.

Decreasing mitochondrial fission diminishes vascular smooth muscle cell migration and ameliorates intimal hyperplasia.

Wang L, Yu T, Lee H, O'Brien DK, Sesaki H, Yoon Y. Cardiovasc Res.


PARK2/Parkin becomes critical when DNM1L/Drp1 is absent. Roy M, Kageyama Y, Iijima M, Sesaki H. Autophagy.


Transient assembly of F-actin on the outer mitochondrial membrane contributes to mitochondrial fission. Li S, Xu S, Roelofs BA, Boyman L, Lederer WJ, Sesaki H, Karbowski M. J Cell Biol.


Engineering PTEN function: membrane association and activity. Yang JM, Nguyen HN, Sesaki H, Devreotes PN, Iijima M. Methods.

A new class of cancer-associated PTEN mutations defined by membrane translocation defects. Nguyen HN, Yang JM Jr, Rahdar M, Keniry M, Swaney KF, Parsons R, Park BH, Sesaki H, Devreotes PN, Iijima M. Oncogene.